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Incredible Bonus!

From our Partner, Alexa Bigwarfe. Get her Building Your Author Platform course for FREE.  ($297 Value)

Alexa runs the Women in Publishing Summit & owns Write. Publish. Sell. This course is for the author struggling to effectively market their book & grow their audience.

EXPIRY: Sign up by Sept 30, 2020 (Lifetime access!)

'Creating Legends' eBook

Characters are the heart of your story.

ProWritingAid's nonfiction guide is for all the writers out there who want to create compelling, engaging, relatable characters that readers will adore… or despise. 


Logline Worksheet

PDF worksheet from screenwriter & coach Naomi Beaty. Use it to help nail down the essential core of your story. Use it to plot, revise...& pitch!

Adapting Your Novel To A Screenplay

Naomi's slides from her RWS presentation "Adapting Your Novel to a Screenplay."

$50 OFF 'Idea To Outline' Screenwriting Course 

Get 25% off Naomi Beaty's powerful screenwriting course that will take you from your idea to a full outline of a screenplay with professional guidance & community support.

An (Incomplete) List of Romance Tropes

A list of romance tropes & set-ups. It's not every trope that ever existed, but it's a starter guide. Use it to inspire ideas & focus your storytelling.

$10 OFF SavvyAuthors Course

With over 6000 writers in its membership, SavvyAuthors is a go-to resource for writers of all genres to find affordable workshops to improve their craft and promotion skills.

Get $10 off your first SavvyAuthor class! If you're already a member, use the coupon to save on your already-discounted rates. 

'The Authors Guide to Selling To Non-Bookstores'

Fictionary founder Kristina Stanley's ebook guide to selling books to non-bookstores. It's a great resource for developing alternate revenue streams.

Arc Breakdown: Gone Girl

Exclusive for Romance Writers Summit!

See a character arc in action. Fictionary's Kristina Stanley breaks down what she calls 'the perfect arc' of Gone Girl.

Fictionary's 'Story Editing' ebook

Break down your story & power it up by using Fictionary's 15 story elements.

20% OFF Fictionary Software

Import your manuscript & get powerful visuals of your story’s arc + 12 additional insights to improve your story like never before.

'Just The Turning Points' Worksheet

Exclusive content!

PDF worksheet applying the concepts covered in Kris Kennedy's workshop “Plot Your Romance in 4 Easy Turning Points."

Pride & Prejudice By The Beats

PDF of Marilyn Brant's beat breakdown of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice from her RWS workshop.

Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps To Building A Story That Sells

Get Mary Buckham & New York Times' Bestseller Dianna Love's nonfiction book, Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story that Sells.

FREE Access: Productivity Course

Get free access to Mary Buckham's online "Secrets To Productivity" course.

Marketing Checklist

A fast, simple checklist of marketing ideas for authors from nonfiction editor Kira Ming.

Studying Masterworks

Rebecca Monterusso's PDF guide on how studying masterworks can improve your writing.

Characterization: Visual Cheatsheet

Exclusive content!

A simple, powerful, at-a-glance visual cheatsheet Rebecca Monterusso created, based on her Expert Interview.

Customizable Romance Beat Sheet

Get Jami Gold's Romance Beat Sheet, highlighted in Jami's RWS workshop. Built in Excel, it has all the main beats & turning points, with a focus on romance relationships. Enter your target word count & it will tell you exactly when you should be hitting those beats!

Scrivener Template

Calling all Scrivvies! If you love Scrivener (I do!), you're definitely going to want this romance-centric template Jami Gold built. Based on her Romance Beat Sheet, Jami has created a template you can use right inside Scrivener to simplify & clarify the romance story structure.


75% OFF Romance Beat Sheet Workshop

$30 value

Get Jami Gold's NEW Beat Sheet Workshop for only $10!!

Editing Guides: What Is _______ Editing?

JoEllen Nordstrom, founder of First Editing, offers 3 PDF guides on the different types of editing. What is each type of editing & do you need it? Find out!


18% OFF Editorial Selection Course 

Learn the different types of professional editing so you can hire the right kind of editor before you format your book. Save time, money, & frustration!

'Fixing Your Character & POV Problems'

Janice Hardy's combo book-doctor-story-editor full-length craft book is a comprehensive guide on how to identify & repair problems with character & point of view.

Navigating The Editorial Relationship Slides

Slides from editor Angela James's RWS workshop of the same name.

'The Two Things Every Scene Needs' eBook Guide

Every scene needs to change something in your story (plot, character, &/or romance). Use Kris Kennedy's simple yet powerful, two-step guide to ensure every scene in your story matters. 

'13 Steps To Evil: How To Craft A Superbad Villain' eBook

Get Sacha Black's awesome guide for crafting the character she says matters most in your story: your villain.

'13 Steps To Evil' Cheatsheet

Companion PDF guide to Sacha's book of the same title.


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RWS host Kris Kennedy will pop in intermittently & answer questions about the topics covered in the interviews & workshops. It's not the format to handle in-depth discussions, but we'll help wherever we can! 



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